Monday, August 25, 2014

Hearts for Comfort

I have a lady at our church that is a chaplain and she goes around to different people when they are going through something traumatic or in their time of need and she sits with them and comforts them. She has found that giving them little hearts to hold and touch when she meets with them. 

She posted on our Facebook ladies site that she is looking for people to help her make them. She is handing them out faster than they can be made. I thought this would be a good idea for me to start doing and I can get different patterns together so the kids can help me from time to time too.

So, I ended up going on a Facebook site that you can buy stuff off of, and told the people there that I was in search of free fabric. Stuff that isn't being used anymore and would be given away eventually. I had one lady offer to give me all her stuff that she isn't going to use. I met up with her and I ended up getting 4 big trash bags filled with fabric. I put it all in a plastic container and I started cutting squares to start my journey of making these hearts to comfort people. I even named it Hearts for Comfort. I haven't even gotten into the bulk of the fabric and I already have over 1,000 squares ready which can make 500 hearts. 
I ordered the filling to go into the hearts, I bought the needles I needed and even got some new thread. I have everything I need... 

This past week I started making the hearts. It takes a little bit of time to get all the steps done. I made 4 hearts my first time and then decided to spend some time cutting out the hearts so when I am ready to start again, I just have to sew and stuff. They are between 2-3 inches big so they are not very big. I am using a blanket stitch and I am loving it. Its very relaxing and it gets my mind off anything I am thinking about at the time. At the present moment I have 15 hearts put together already. My goal by the end of August is to have at least 50 hearts done. I am hoping to meet my goal, but we shall see. I have a lot of things to do before the end of August. 

The cool thing is we are doing a community project at my MOPS group and we are doing blankets for baby's who were born with a drug dependency. These blankets help them in their process to get better. Last year we did them and were done in 15 minutes. This year I am going to add the hearts into the mix for those that want to help do them they can. This way we can do 2 projects and have the time to do them both... 

I love helping people and knowing each heart will be used to help comfort someone is enough for me to keep making them. 

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