Monday, August 18, 2014

School Clothes Shopping

The older the girls get, the more fun I have shopping with them for school clothes. This year Abe had to work so it was just the 2 girls and I. And they are not at the stage where we can pick the outfit out and leave. They are at the stage where you have to try on everything that you pick out. 

We first went to Old Navy for their $10 jean sale. The oldest scored here... she ended up getting 3 pair's of jeans which she needed, so that was good. The youngest fit in the jeans in her size, but the length was ridiculously too long. So, she ended up getting a pair of jeggings. I know new term right. They are a mix between jeans and leggings. They fit her in size and the length was a little too long, but shorter than the regular jeans, so we got her 1 pair. She got a lot of pants from her dad and Erica so she didn't need many pants. 

We then went to Fred Meyers. They were having a 60% off sale and I even had a coupon to get an additional 20% off. The oldest ended up getting 2 shirts and a cardigan sweater that was super cute. The youngest found 2 shirts that she liked. 

We then ended our shopping trip at Wal-mart. This is where they got most of their shirts and it was pretty cute. They each had their own dressing room and they each tried on different items and then tried on a few of the same items. The oldest ended up getting 7 shirts here and 6 new pair of socks. The youngest ended up getting 8 shirts and 9 new socks.

All and all it was a good shopping trip and the girls had a blast. I feel it was a very successful shopping adventure. 

We ended up coming home and on Sunday we took all of their clothes out of the closet and they tried on everything and got rid of the too small stuff and kept what could still be worn. It made the closet a little bare verses before, but now everything they have fits :) 

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