Friday, October 10, 2014

Candles are amazing...

I had a candle party for PartyLite at the end of September. Due to my orders I had enough in sales, that I could get the start up kit for free to start selling candles. I decided that I would try it out. It is something that I love and wouldn't mind selling. Like I told my husband... I can always try it out and see how it works for me and if it is too much, I can give it up and walk away with no hassles.

I decided to go ahead and join... I am now a PartyLite consultant. I won't fill my blog with too much, but from time to time I will add a few sales on here so those who read my blog can take advantage of the good deals that they can.

If anyone is interested in ordering candles you can go to my website here and then if you would like to host a party please let me know. There is a contact me link on my website. We can do a party locally or you can have a catalog party online :)

So excited for my new journey... I love the way my house smells now! Amazing...

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