Monday, October 27, 2014

Young Living Essential Oils

I started buying Essential Oils a month ago. I have heard some great testimonies about the different things oils can do for you and I was like why not try it out... so my Pastor at my church shared her experiences with me and she was the one that I signed up under to start my own collection of oils... 

I am very excited... Especially since some of the oils are known to work for headaches/stomach aches which are the ones I need for my girls. I hate to give them medicine for headaches this young and for stomach aches... so I am hoping these will work on them and if so, stock up!

I am also excited to start trying my Cedarwood. I have heard great testimonies of of Cedarwood working to regrow your hair. I have my daddy's very thin hair and for the last 6 months I have noticed the thinning getting to be more noticeable. Well for me at least it has been... others say its not that noticeable. So, I am excited to start trying my Cedarwood!

Stay tuned for testimonies of my own to share :)

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