Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hospital Visits are definitely no fun...

The pain yesterday was annoying. It was constant all day long at work and I was extremely tired and just drained. At 7 I decided that the symptoms were not any better than the day before and the Urgent Care Doctor told me to go into the ER if they were not any better within 24 hours of taking my antibiotics... 

So, I go and I get checked into the ER and I wait. I was actually surprised with the beginning of my visit. It was one of my better visits I have had in an ER. I was taken back to triage about 20 minutes after I sat down. Once I was all checked in I was taken back to my room. The nurse came in shortly after and went over my vitals and discussed what was going on. She left and about 30 minutes later came back in to get things set up for my IV. While she was in there the doctor came in and we went over what was going on. He decided that we were going to start fluids, start a new antibiotic and then give me toridal for the pain. He left and the nurse went and took my blood and urine to the lab to get that checked out and she came back and started the IV with all that good stuff included. 

I sat there for about 1 1/2 hours while it dripped into me. I had the lights off... Criminial Minds was on the TV and I had 2 heated blankets due to the IV making me so COLD! I was set... 

I finally got out of there around 12:30. He said I just have a really really bad kidney infection that the first antibiotic wasn't helping fast enough. He started me on a 2nd antibiotic and gave me a dose of morphine and sent me home. Abe got a good kick out of me on morphine... but LET me tell you... for the first time in 2 days I sleep so soundly. I got up when Abe's alarm went off. It was nice!

2 antibiotics to go and praying it heals me quickly. Today I am tired and a little drowsy and the pain is there, just not nearly as bad. I am ready to get off work and go lay down for the night.

MY AWESOME friend Melina is bringing us a freezer meal from MOPS. I will pop that bad boy into the oven and let the oven cook our dinner for us. I love my MOPS group and their desire to help when life knocks you on your butt! My ladies rock and I appreciate them so much!

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