Monday, December 1, 2014

Be you Bravely

I am reading a book by Sherry Surrant called Brave Mom. She is the CEO and President of MOPS, International. The book is absolutely amazing. I have never read a book that was so true to what I have always throught about while being a mother.

I have always worried about a lot of things when it comes to my daughter and being a mother. This book hit on point all those worries. It was like she was in my head. All the worries that I have ever had she wrote about in that book as she collected what other mom's fears were... I have realized as I keep reading that no one is alone... NO MOM IS ALONE... we all have our own fears and we all have our own worries. We are doing our very best in this thing called life and that is all that any of us could ever hope to do.

I worry my worries and fears will affect how well I am a mother, but all I have to do is give those things to God and let him work on making me a better mother to my daughter.

I would highly recommend if you are a mother reading this amazing book. I can't wait to read it again...


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