Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Letting go... How to get through it?

This is not an easy one for me to talk about because I have certain things that I am working on letting go myself. I think that letting God help you deal with things you need to let go of is a great way to help you, but I am still working on a few things with Him so its not as easy as it sounds.

I definitely believe that you have to be you in whatever you do and remember that the past is the past and all you can really focus on is the future. The future is all we have to look forward to in our life so why not try to move on and let go so it doesn't affect our future???

Whatever you are holding onto, please remember you are not alone in anything... Talk to your friends, your family, anyone that you are close to and remember:

We can not go back and make a new beginning, but we can start today and make a new ending... :)

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