Monday, January 19, 2015

The Truth about Depression

1 in every 10 American's struggle with depression. That is a very high number if you ask me. I feel very strongly about the fact that depression is a real thing that people struggle with. Over the year I will write a few blogs about family that I have lost to the battle of depression.

Here are a few facts about depression:

  1. Depression is more than just a bad mood!
  2. Depression affects people of all ages... young and old...
  3. I feel like depression is a disease!
  4. It is not always easy for someone to admit they are depressed. 
  5. You are not the only one that is feeling depressed however you probably feel like you are!
  6. Depression is not always something you can talk yourself out of. 
  7. You deserve to get help for your depression.
  8. You are not always going to feel depressed. It will come and go with the passing of the days!
If you feel depressed and you have someone close you can talk to, please don't feel embarrassed to tell them that you are depressed. There is always someone that can help you find the help you need to start the process of feeling better!!! You are NOT alone!

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