Friday, January 16, 2015

Weight Loss Motivational Week

Here are a few quotes to help motivate you during this weight loss motivational week. I hope you enjoy!

  • Your fitness is 100% mental! Your body won’t go, where your mind doesn’t PUSH IT!
  • Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but it’s even worse to REGRET!
  • Be the action hero in your own life!
  • A huge part of losing weight is believing YOU CAN DO IT and realizing it is not going to happen overnight.
  • I am not losing weight. I am getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again!

  • I cannot change yesterday, but I can change today!

  • The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new! – Socrates
  • USE YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM! – Find people who are going to motivate you and encourage you to do your best and not to give up… YOU need them!
  • For with God nothing shall be impossible. – Luke 1:37

  • Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t… I am going to give myself reasons why I can!
  • Your body is not ruined! You are a tiger who has earned her stripes!
  • Discipline is doing what you know needs to be done even when you don’t want to do it...
  • Don’t skip breakfast, EVER!

  • It’s amazing what you can do when you try!

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