Saturday, February 14, 2015

LOVE week...

Love is OUR STORY! Love is knowing you married your best friend. Love if your gift to each other. Love is someone who puts that sparkle back into your life and it stays there... My sparkle hasn't left since I met my husband. Love is waking up next to the love of your life every morning and falling asleep in his arms at the end of each day... Love is knowing you have someone who you can act goofy with and have no cares in the world other than you both. LOVE is accepting your husband's jacket because you forgot yours at home. Love is loving each other through the good and the bad no matter how you change, you change together! Love is being able to argue and know that no matter what you argue about you are there for each other and neither of you are going anywhere. Love is being able to dream together and make plans together. Love is getting the small kisses throughout the day that make your heart beat faster. Love is holding hands everywhere we go. Love is waiting patiently for him to get home every day from work, excited to see him. Love is knowing that it won't always be easy. It will be hard, really hard at times, but knowing that if you work together you can get through ANYTHING. Love is knowing he loves you unconditionally and will always be there for you!

Our first date was December 28th. The first time I saw him I knew he would be in my life. I knew that this was the man that God put in my life to marry. We fell in love quickly... we dated for a little under 2 years when we decided to get married. We went on a couples trip to Orcas Island and we got married on the side of Mount Constitution. It was the scariest moment in my life walking out on the ledge of a mountain, but my excitement to marry the love of my life made it all worth it. We got married in the beauty GOD made and it was truly a magical moment. We have definitely had our good times and our fair share of bad times in the years we have been together, but together we have gotten through it all and have grown closer with everything the enemy has placed in our path. We have climbed mountains together and have overcome every struggle we have been given. This past December marked our 4 years together and we have been married a little over 2 years. Every year gets better and better and I look forward to our future together and watching our girls grown each and every day!

Together we are truly blessed and we have so much to be thankful for. God is amazing and he blessed my life in so many ways when he brought this amazing man into my life!

Happy Valentines day my love! You make me a better person every day and you truly are an amazing man. I love you so much!!! Thank you for completely changing my life...

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