Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mountains or Beaches?

I am going to say both!

I am a fan of both of them so I can not chose between the 2. They are both amazing and breath taking in their own way. I was born and raised in southwest Louisiana. There was no mountains or pretty beaches there. It is definitely not like the amazing beauty we have here.

I explored the beaches here first. I went down to Ocean Shores and it took my breath away. The sound the waves made when they hit the shore and then the way it sounded when it hit the jetti. It was definitely one of my favorite places to venture...

Over the years I ventured to Mount Rainier as well as Mount St. Helens and both in their own way are amazing. I am just in awe of mountains and their beauty. Each of them were made with God's hands and they are all placed perfectly. This coming summer, but goal is to take our girls to the mountains and let them experience that as well!

If you ever get a chance to experience Washington state, both of these places are incredible and will take your breath away!!!

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