Friday, February 6, 2015

Your Tattoo's

I have a total of 4 tattoos... I love all of them but 1...

On my right foot going up my leg I have a tattoo that is a cluster of shooting stars that are going up my leg. Each star has an initial for each of my nieces and nephews. They are my little stars and I love them dearly. I need to add 5 initials to the stars, but this is one of my favorite pieces.

On my left foot I have 4 butterflies in different colors. They are super cute and I love them.

On my left leg on the inside of my calf I have a flower with my daughters first name above and her middle name below the flower. It is my absolute favorite one!

On my back in between my shoulder blades I have a claddagh system mixed in with some tribal work. It is so dark and there are a few places that you can see are mistakes. If I could cover this piece I would... I might try to have it removed down the road, it is the piece that I do not like! But if not, it was my first tattoo and its a part of me :)

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