Sunday, March 8, 2015

A trip that was a disaster...

This would by far have to be our Mexico trip in July of 2014. Talk about nothing went right. It was definitely one of the most stressful trips... but thankful I had my husband by my side. We went through everything together and we got through it... I think it helped us bond...

We ended up taking 7 different airplanes during this vacation... Not sure if you know but I don't fly well... I get nervous and its not my favorite thing to do... Our big luggage was destroyed by baggage check and they refused to replace it. We had to take it to get from hotel to hotel with it being taped each time... We got there and we rented a car, but they would not accept the insurance I bought on Expedia's website so we ended up not having a rental car for our trip. We were told the wedding was taking place in Cancun... little did we know the wedding was actually going to take place in Playa Del Carmen which was an hour's drive to and from the wedding site... we had to rent a taxi due to not having a car. At the wedding location resort - My husband lost his brand new Oakley prescription glasses. They had golf carts that would take you places but they didn't come around very often, so we walked a lot...  The day we left the hut there was a thunderstorm rolling in and with walking everywhere we got poured on. By the time we got to the front desk we were soaking wet. We checked out and waited for the taxi which took an hour or so to get to us. By that time we were bitten by so many mosquitoes it was crazy. MY husband had a sunburn. The last day we were there we got a new suitcase and the next day on our way to Louisiana our airport shuttle was an hour late. Our flight going to Dallas TX had mechanical issues so we had to deplane, but then once off they re-boarded us on the SAME flight. We had to go through customs and I was cleared, but I pressed a wrong button on my husband's check in and he had to go talk to a person. We managed to get to our connecting flight as it was boarding.

Once we got to Louisiana it was smooth sailing from there. It was definitely one of the most stressful crazy vacations we have ever taken together, but we were together and that made it all worth it and fun! We also got to see our niece get married to the love of her life and that was worth it all. So blessed we were able to be there on her special day!

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