Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jump Rope for Heart

My daughter has been raising money for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser she is having at her school. All proceeds go to the American Heart Association to help children with heart issues. She loves this fundraiser more than any of the other ones. When she was 2 her dad had a heart attack and she vaguely remembers visiting him in the hospital. She more remembers the stories her dad shares.

Last year she raised around $500 for the cause. This year we set her goal to $750 but after not many donations we lowered it back down to $500. She exceeded her $500 goal yesterday and today she is currently at $753 raised. I am so proud of her and thankful for all the donations we have been given!

Her Jump Rope event is today and before getting out the car when I dropped her off she says, momma, can you please let my daddy know I am jumping for him today! It was the sweetest thing I have heard her say. That girl loves her daddy so much.

So, thank you to all that donated and supported her during this fundraiser. We are forever grateful!

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