Friday, March 6, 2015

My daughters birth story...

My pregnancy with my daughter was a fairly good one... I didn't have any morning sickness in my first trimester. My 2nd trimester was fairly decent as well... during my third trimester things went a little different...

There was one day where I realized at lunch time that I hadn't felt her move at all and I was over 7 months pregnant. I called the doctor and they told me to go home and drink as much orange juice as I could and lay on my side until she started to kick. They said if it went over an hour without any movement after drinking the orange juice that I needed to come to the hospital. That hour was the LONGEST hour of my life. I layed in bed and just cried and cried and prayed that my baby girl was okay. She finally started kicking around the hour mark. Talk about crazy...

I got a cold during the last trimester and with all the congestion in my throat it made me very nauseated and I threw up a lot during my last trimester. It was not very fun for me.

We went to the doctor 3 weeks before she was suppose to be born on the 6th of March. My appointment was at 3:30 pm. It was a normal check up and they did an ultrasound to check to see what they estimated her weight to be as of this day. After the nurse did the ultra sound she looked at me and told me she was estimated to be around 9 pounds as of this day. I went out to the waiting room to wait for my appointment with my doctor and I started thinking... If she is 9 pounds now and they say in the last few weeks babies gain 1 pound a week, she is going to be over 10 pounds when she is born. I started freaking out inside...

I got back to the room to wait for my doctor and she came in and my exam begin. She wanted to check me this visit so before we left she checked me. When she was done she ended up popping my water. She looks up at me and says, "I think I just popped your water..." My reply was, "YOU THINK?" She checked and said yes, your water broke and you are having your daughter today or tomorrow. She told me that I could go clean up, but they needed to get a wheel chair so they could bring me over to the labor and delivery ward of the hospital. I went to the bathroom and when I got back we headed over to the hospital. I was freaking out to say the least. My momma had her tickets purchased to come be here for the birth but now that she was coming 3 weeks early she wouldn't be here. I just tried my best to remain calm. It all happened so quickly!

We got to my room where I would be delivering my baby (or so I thought) and they started getting me hooked up to the machines and prepping me for my IV. Before they got too far, I made a few phones calls. My first was to Jenn, my best friend, to let her know that as soon as she could get here would be awesome. Next I asked her if she would grab a few things for me since I was so unprepared! And then I called my mom and dad. I told my mom and dad what was going on and then the doctor came in so I told them I would call them back. I was explained what would be happening and the process and it was just a lot to take in. I had papers to fill out and all that good stuff. I mean, I didn't even have my hospital bag. I had to just get in the mind set that I would be holding my daughter very soon...

They started my IV and they started me on Pitocin to help start my contractions. And then we just waited. We made whatever phone calls needed to be made and we turned the TV on. I don't even remember what I watched on TV. People started showing up getting excited for the birth of our daughter. Jenn finally got there and I was feeling relieved. If my momma couldn't be there, she was the next person I wanted there. I talked to my parents and my mom changed her flight and was arriving on the 7th at 4:30 pm. That made me feel better... now to just hold out until my mom got there!

Around 11 pm I was being given my epidural. It was a very long and tiring night that I had. My best friend Jenn never left my side and it was so appreciated. The next day came... we were on March 7th. It was a long day of just waiting. There was a time where I needed oxygen, but I can't really remember why. Around 11 I started pushing. I pushed for 2 long hours until my doctor looked at me and told me my options:
  1. Keep pushing for another hour and see if she comes out
  2. Prep the operating room for an emergency c-section
I was exhausted and so tired and just ready to get her out. Apparently she was stuck in my birthing canal, so my doctor recommended the emergency c-section and I agreed. It was time to get her out... That 40 minutes I had to wait before taken to the operating room was the most uncomfortable feeling of my life. She was stuck in my birthing canal and that pressure was enough to make me go insane. Finally I was wheeled back to the OR and was given more meds to make sure I couldn't feel anything. And then they opened me up to get my baby girl out. It felt like forever waiting for them to do their thing, but finally she was out and she was crying. She was born at 3:37 pm and she had great lungs and she was my baby girl. They got her all wrapped up and then brought her over to me and she was so precious. My heart was filled with so many emotions... They worked on sewing me up and then we headed back to my room. I couldn't hold her by myself just yet due to all the pain meds I was on, but she was my precious baby and I loved just staring at her and watching the nurses get her all cleaned up and listening to her cry made my heart jump for joy. She was out and she was alive and healthy!

My mom got there at around 4:30 and having her there was such an amazing experience. She helped me so much over the next 6 weeks it was definitely something a daughter always hopes for when they have a baby. She was a wonderful grandmother and she helped me so much she will never fully understand how much I loved and appreciated her for that time.

 My daughter was born 21 inches long and she was 8 lbs and 15 oz when she was born. We left the hospital 3 days later and headed home. On her 2 day check up after leaving the hospital we did the tests and headed home... shortly after we got a call saying that we needed to bring her back to the hospital because she had jaundice and the levels were high enough that they felt her being at the hospital was best. So, I packed my stuff and off we went. I stayed with her that night which was very hard after having a c-section, but I wasn't leaving my baby girl. We spend 24 hours in the hospital for her jaundice and then we were set free!My momma stayed and helped me for the next 6 weeks and it was nice. I wasn't able to sleep laying down so I slept in the living room in my recliner. C slept right next to me in her bassinet. I would take the night shift and mom took the early morning shift. It worked out rather nicely.

We were both really exhausted. The funniest story from being exhausted was when my mom was going to make her coffee before she took over one day and she filled the coffee filter with formula instead of her coffee. She didn't brew it, but it made us laugh.
She is my pride and joy and I love her dearly!
My little angel, the day my life changed!

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