Monday, March 16, 2015

Who do you admire?

This list is very long and I can't name everyone... but I will try my best to name my favorites:

My husband - He has been a hard worker for our family and he makes me want to be a better person. I love and admire this man more than I could ever say! He is amazing and he truly loves me!

My mom - she is an amazing woman who taught me so much growing up. She loved us kids so much and it showed in all that she did. We definitely do not thank her nearly enough!

My daddy - He has always been a hard working man to provide what was needed for the family. He is one of my favorite and I will always love him dearly! He is a man of little words, but when he does say something its always awesome!

All of my aunts - each of them are different in their own way, but they were a part of raising me as I was growing up. They each had influence in my life and they loved me like their own. Those woman are a hoot when you get them all together!

My brothers - now that I am older I can respect and admire them more than when I was younger... We definitely get along better now as we are grown up verses when we were teenagers.

My best friend Jenn who has been there for me through it all. I can't imagine my life without her and all her family!

All of my MOPS momma's and friends - each one of them has their own story, but I love each of them in their own way! We all found each other for a reason and God loves each and every one of us!

The Pastor's at our church - I have been in leadership for 2 years now and I never knew all that the Pastor's did until I became coordinator for MOPS. They go through so many things that its truly amazing that they are our Pastor's. They do amazing job and I am thankful for each and every one of them!

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