Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Best Vacation Ever

I have to say that one of the best vacations I have ever been on was the one where we drove to California to see my brother-n-law get married to the love of his life. I know right... I am sure some of you are saying, who would want to be in a car that long with your husband? But my answer would be, I DO! It was a 15 hour drive down there and we stayed for 2 nights and then we drove all the way home with a nights stay in Portland, Oregon.


Wedding Night - my handsome husband and I
Before the happy couple were married... I am so blessed to be this mans wife. God knew what he was doing when he placed him in my life!

The happy couple...

It was an amazing vacation away. I got to spend all the time with my husband alone in the car. We listened to music and talked the whole time down there. It was definitely a relaxing trip (minus the 2 hour delay to fix a car part in my husbands car.)

On the way back we decided to get a hotel and stay in Portland and then spend some time at the mall they have there. It was definitely a great time shopping and just enjoying each other! I can not wait for our next road trip!

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