Thursday, April 9, 2015

Surgery coming up...

My daughter has an extra tooth right behind her baby tooth in the front. We have known about it since she was a baby. They monitored it and said that we would decide what to do when she was over 6.

Well she is now 7 and the time has come to figure out what to do. We had her oral surgeon consultation today. It has been decided that surgery needs to happen sooner than later. She will have surgery within the next month. They will remove the extra tooth as well as her baby tooth due to all the circumstances of this extra tooth...

So, with that being said... I am freaking out on the inside. They are going to have to put my baby girl to sleep and I am just a nervous wreck on the inside about the whole thing. I know it is needed to fix this issue, but it's also overwhelming.

Prayers are definitely welcomed if you are the praying type. Ready to get it over with and help her heal!!!

What a day!

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