Saturday, May 16, 2015

Student Loan Nightmare...

If I could tell all NEW students one thing about financial aid before they got it with the college they are with it would be this:

~ When you get financial aid, each year that you file for financial aid, make sure you keep track of what company you get your loans through. Keep good track of it because at the end when you graduate and you have to start paying them back in 6 months it will be very confusing. They do not tell you that the loans are taken out with this company and then the next year with a different company.

By the end of my 2 years of college, I have around 10 different places that I owe money too. It makes it very confusing and VERY stressful. I pay for one monthly and then another one will go into default and when I call and ask why, they tell me its not the same as I am currently paying. So, I set up a repayment plan to get out of default and then another one goes into default. I am currently on track to be done with my last payment in June for the current payment plan to get out of default. Once that is done I can go onto a website and consolidate all of my loans so when I pay them it goes to all of them instead of just one here and one there.

Just keep your eyes open and make sure you keep all your paperwork. It will be a lot, but I regret not keeping all my paperwork.

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  1. That is excellent advice! I wish I had known that they were going to sell my loans during and after college. It was nearly impossible to track them down for consolidation. Of course, I wish I had found more scholarships and gone to a JC for the first two years during college. I'm going to encourage my son to do that as student loans can become a real drain on family finances!

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