Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Goals for the future...

There are so many goals that I have for the future... So many to name... I won't bore with you all my goals... I set little ones here and there and then when I cross them off its so much fun!

But my big ones coming up are my weight loss journey and enjoying my summer with my family and friends. I know its not much, but my weight loss is the biggest goal I have and its one that I fight for the most. As well as enjoying my time with my family and friends... 

What are your goals that you have?


  1. Great goals but forget the weight just shoot for healthy.

  2. I have to shoot for weight loss. I am having some health issues and all of the ones I have had pop up could go away with weight loss. I do not want to go overboard with weight loss, but I need to lose at least 50-75 lbs to help my health!

  3. Weight loss is definitely up there for me - I have about 30% of my body mass to lose to be healthy which is a scary number. Other goals include blogging every day for a year, and making the transition from teaching full time to content writing as a career path. Thanks for some food for thought!

    -Ang (angel1985 for the June Blog Hop)

  4. Oh Michelle, I hear ya!!! I've got to lose 45kg as soon as ... loving My Fitness Pal app and the Pacer app, 'tho. I find it very useful xx

    1. I just downloaded the my fitness app. We should become friends and encourage each other... :)

  5. Good goal! I need to lose some weight too, but I'm pregnant right now so that wont be happening XP I'm hoping that eating better ( for me and for baby) will help in the long run. I can still lose a few pounds as it's still early on, but can't overdo it.

    Shannoneke ( Blog-Hop June)