Monday, July 27, 2015

Music that relaxes me...

Do you have any music that relaxes you?

Mine would be Christian music. If I am having a bad day or a stressful day, I turn on the radio with the Christian channel on and within minutes I can feel myself being relaxed! It is amazing how music can do that to a person! I listen to all kinds of music, but this seems to work the best when I am overwhelmed!


  1. Music hmmm

    I like a huge variety. Rock, Classical, even some Country. Each genre has songs that are in my time to relax category although I am not one for "slow" and "soothing" music. I would rather be pumped up with them.

  2. My music really depends on my mood - but I love listening to some of the playlists on Spotify. My current favourite (for when I'm needing to work and having trouble focusing) is called Totally Tropical House, so a dance groove but quite chilled out. Like Susan, I have a very eclectic taste in music ... 'tho Chris Botti (Jazz) is my go-to when I need some serious stress relief! xx

  3. Depending on how I am feeling is what I listen to. When I'm relaxed on a weekend morning and making breakfast I turn up the country playlist called "pancakes" while I cook. Sometimes I need chick music from the 90s, and other times I need to shake it today's rap and get some steps in on my fitbit.