Monday, August 10, 2015

Are you a Picky Eaters?

I have always been a picky eater. Growing up we didn't have a choice to what we got to eat. We ate what my momma cooked with no questions asked. I remember sitting at the kitchen table many times because I didn't want to eat a certain vegetable and I had to sit there until I ate it. 

These days I get to decide what I eat and I have a big problem with vegetables. I try to eat as many as I can, but I am a huge picky eater!

And these days it doesn't help that my daughter is the same as me. With her, its not too hard to cook using the foods she doesn't like. She doesn't care for tomatoes, but I always manage to make spaghetti where she doesn't realize it is all in there. I also chop onions really small because she isn't a fan. I do try to limit these foods when she will be eating because I respect the fact that she doesn't like them, but in some dishes I make they will be there so she has to eat it. 

My husband is allergic to mushrooms so that is an easy one for me. I never buy them because I do not care for them and with him being allergic they never come into our house. Its a win win there.

Do you have any foods that you don't care for? Are do you consider yourself to be a picky eater?


  1. I don't think I'm a picky eater, and thankfully my lad grew up to be just the same - he's almost 25 and eats pretty much everything now (except roast potatoes and garden peas!). But I have to be careful with bread, pasta and most fruits because my digestive system isn't a fan ... and I can't eat mango or shellfish because I'm allergic to them :D xx

  2. Argh, I live with a picky eater! I'm pretty good and I'll eat most things (aside from peanuts as I'm allergic), but my husband (who is allergic to shellfish) is SUPER fussy. He won't eat cooked tomatoes, cauliflower, or capsicum. He doesn't like mushrooms unless they're panfried with soy sauce. He doesn't like baked spuds, but would cheerfully eat mashed spuds by themselves if I'd make a bucket of it for dinner. No Mexican dishes, no pasta or pizza or lasagne... I could go on and on! Hoping when we have children they'll inherit my eating habits and not his!! Good on you for finding a balance between nutrition and catering for a fussy eater =) Thanks for sharing! -Ang (angel1985 on SwapBot for the August Blog Hop)