Monday, August 3, 2015

Favorite Board Game/Card Game

I love playing all kinds of games. I am a huge fan of sitting down and just playing a game with anyone... At work my boss and I have an ongoing chess game going at all times. Once we are done, we start a new game. Its awesome. 

My favorite board game would definitely be Backgammon. No one plays with me anymore so my board just sits in my house, but I love it! 

My favorite card game is by far Canasta. I think its my favorite because when my mom and I played we always played with my aunts and watching them play was hilarious. Those ladies are awesome, but they are surely competitive and its awesome!

Do you have any board games or card games that are you favorite?


  1. MONOPOLY!!! I love buying the cheap properties and throwing houses and hotels up. I'm vicious. I LOVE Clue too! That is my idea of a good time :)

  2. My favorite board game is Backgammon also. I'm yet to teach my kids to play. I favorite card game is Rummy. I used to play with my mother all the time. ---swapbot (purple24)