Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Smells of my childhood...

When I was a kid, there were many smells that I remember...

Cooking... there was always someone cooking. If it wasn't my momma, my grandmother was cooking or baking. My mom and grandmother always had goodies for us to eat growing up. The holiday's were magical with all the baked goods that were made.

BABIES... there were always babies around when I was growing up. Baby lotion was the best smell I can remember with those babies.

I remember the smell of the leaves as we had to rake them and then at my grandfathers house we would pile them up and then jump in them. It was such great memories!

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  1. I know what you mean about the cooking smells! I can remember my grandmother's kitchen smelling like chocolate chip biscuits, and the way the Liebkuchen would smell as she was packing them into tins at Christmas. It's funny what they make you remember, isn't it?

    The other one I remember - a garden-based one a bit like your memory of the leaves - is the smell of gardenias. My grandmother and aunt used to pick them and put them in bowls in the house, but Mum would leave them on the bush. In the heat, the smell would get stronger and stronger during the spring and early summer.

    Thank you for sharing such a poignant post! -Ang (Angel1985 on SwapBot for October Blog Hop)