Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Things you remember... - FIRST house

Things that I remember about my first home...

We lived in the same house all throughout my life growing up with my parents. I never moved around from house to house and I got to call this one house my home all my life. It was definitely a great experience growing up. My childhood house was amazing. It had a front porch swing which was sat in many times by many people. We had a fridge outside and then next to the fridge was our wash room. It had the washing machine in it and the dryer as well as my dad's tools and a ladder that led to the attic. The backyard was gated for many years, but part of the fence fell down and I don't think it was ever replaced. We had a brick thing in the backyard that was kind of like a garden but I don't think it was. I can't remember what it was, but it was there for a long time. We had many many trees on our property and the memories of helping my dad rake and bag up pine needles were many. I even planted a tree once and watched it grow outside my bedroom window. It was one of my favorite things to do. 

The inside had 3 bedrooms, 1 very small bathroom, a kitchen and a living room with a hall closet and a bigger pantry closet. We had a hallway that went along the kitchen and the bedrooms and that is where we spent many nights during bad thunderstorms. We would close all the doors to the rooms and we slept in the hallway. My bedroom was painted blue and my brothers was gray I believe. My mom and dad had wood paneling walls and then the bathroom I can't remember, but we had a laundry shoot in there where we would open it and put our clothes in it and sometimes I would pull it out and block the door so no one would come in. The bathroom had a heater in the wall that you would light with matches and it would heat the bathroom rather well. But having 1 bathroom was challenging with 5 people. The kitchen was yellow and we had many meals in there. Mom was always cooking for everyone and baking and it was very well used. 

I can't remember what the living room was like but I remember we had the piano on the wall by the kitchen and then they had 2 recliner chairs and a couch in there growing up. With 2 bookshelves that were on each side of the TV. It was a great house growing up and one I will never forget. We had great memories growing up and of course some not great ones, but the great ones far outweighed the not great ones!!!

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