Saturday, January 23, 2016

Do looks matter?

You know this question is a tough one.

Because looks do not matter, but is that how I have felt growing up and now, no. I believe that we live in a very harsh world where everyone is very critical if you aren't a certain weight and if you aren't a certain size.

I have grown to love myself for who I am and the way God has made me. I have things I dislike about myself, but that is something I am working on improving. I am not going to improve it for anyone else, it is for me alone! I don't care anymore what people think about me. I did all throughout my childhood and teen years and even into my adult years.... it is the hardest thing to overcome judging yourself for not being this way or that way.

I think when I had my daughter I realized that if I kept doing that to myself she would pick up those habits as well and I didn't want to raise her thinking anything other than the fact that she is beautiful and a wonderful girl!

Be who you are and love yourself!

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